Tower Defence Report

I. Overview

The game is about fighting against pathogen using immunity mechanism.

The pathogen and immunity mechanism are represented by towers and enemies.

II. Purpose

The reason why this game is created is to educate people in general how immunity inside body fought against pathogen in simple representation.

III. Mechanism

Build towers to counter pathogen.

There is life system. Once it reached zero, it is game over, and the game will be restarted from the beginning  .

Towers are upgradeable in order to to face more enemies.

Every wave increase the number of enemies.

Enemies are divided into 3:

– Bacteria (Weakness: Neutrophil)

– Parasite (Weakness: Eosinophil)

– Virus (Weakness: B-Cell)

IV. Screenshot




Felix Anggara:

Mechanism & Artwork


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